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Christmas Persimmon Ham by Windthin

What is needed to make a proper ham roast? The answer a good ham. And what if we do want to take it further? Just pay attention to the whole recipe.

I see here a wonderful way to prepare a trimming which can go properly with a meat such as pork. Another extra point here is the care you show when you detail concrete varieties of grocers and fruits. The most proper variety of a determined product is the definitive difference between a good dish and an extraordinary dish. When I share some recipees I use to do the same or if not available, to use a fairly good substitute.

The only con I see here is the unavailability of determined ingredients some people; like myself, may have (pomegranate wine, coconut flour, kosher salt), but in the other hand the audacity of the resulting flavour in the case of pork use to be rather welcome and invites to repeat.

As a final thing I'm very glad to see; as an Asturian, cider is an important part of the dish. In my land cider is omnipresent and it's not just a culinary contribution. It's a very important part of our culture and a way of life :).

The result is an extraordinary roast. I know it's not the most refinated thing on a table. It's real food. No kidding. Hearty,contundent and filling food. I ensure it will be object of massive applause in your parties and reunions.
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Windthin Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013  Professional General Artist
Thank you very much for this assessment. I admit that some of the touches are regional, but you must remember that I have to work around the considerable food allergies my wife developed since having her appendix out five years ago. In many cases one could make substitutions. Instead of coconut flour, perhaps potato flour and a bit of brown sugar or molasses, as it is a touch sweet. Pomegranate juice or something similar and a bit of wine. So on. As for kosher salt, you probably do have it under another name; it's basically just large-grained salt, as I understand it, with maybe a few other differences, something you can probably replace.

We drink a great deal of cider, my wife and I, and make use of apple cider vinegar, since it's the most available alcohol with her inability to have grape-based wines any longer. May you find your own variation and enjoy.
MaestroTomberi Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013   Digital Artist
In cuisine that's the main thing: products of the land altogether for ultimate combinations. I also notice for the first time about your wife's allergies, so this meal has also many things in consideration and makes it to be more appreciated than what could have been at a first glance.

As for cider... what could I say... like many people here in Asturias I make my own cider, altough it's always enjoyable to go to a "chigre" (cider bar) and have the best brands available out there :).
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